There are few reasons why I choose  identity as subject for my dissertation. The first one is because after becoming a student in graphic design I realize that I was more critical about what I was observing around me. I want to redesign everything I found not right, without harmony. My second reason, after to find out my strong interest for a branding and identity I decided to specialized with a master branding and identity, so hopefully this dissertation will help me to get there.

Why do we need identity?

This is the question my dissertation will answer to. Why do we have identity? Why do we give identity to object animals? …….

First part: who are we ?

In this first part I want to talk about the origins of identity, when do we start are own identity as a person and why ? And what is exactly our identity and we manage to communicate it in our society.

Second part: The identity of the designer.

We are all different but some of us will probably do the same job. A sales person wouldn’t care about design, probably he will sale something who look bad and sale it anyway. So what’s make difference? And what kind of identity past a person should develop to be a designer?

Third part: Perfect harmony

As designer, it seems logical that when we design a brand/company identity everything around the visual identity of the brand will be in harmony together. Why? Why do we need to create a brand, a company, a product  an identity as it was person. Why is the psycologic impact on our brain?