I am very late on the writing of my dissertation!! Yesterday I finished correcting my first chapter + the writing. Today I am suppose to write chapter 2 but the subject of the globalisation doesnt inspire me. I am going to take a risk and change he subject of this chapter. I dont think the globalisation is relevant of my subject. I thought a lot of : the power of creation. Designers got the power to bring to life ideas and brand persona, I want to write about this sensation to be in power to create.


So I am also changing the order of my chapter:

Introduction                                                                                      need to be write

Chapter 1 no change :  The monster reflects the creator         done

Chapter 2:   Bring to life the beast                                                need to be finish

Chapter 3: The power of creation                                                  need to be write

conclusion                                                                                           need to be write


My plan for today is : to finish write the 2nd chapter and start the 3rd

My plan for tomorrow is : to finish Chapter 3

My plan for Wednesday is:  to write introduction and conclusion