After my different visual research I knew where I wanted to go with my design. I wanted to create a book design as a novel, maybe even more as a journal. The journal of a crazy designer. I was really inspired by True Blood title sequence to create a “bloody organic human flesh thing” which will go on all dissertation. So I started to experiment with red paint and water, I had olive oil mix it together and I go this.

My bible is Grafik ! Every time I got a layout to design I am going to have a look in one of my Grafik magazine.

I inside Grafik I found something interesting.

Those graphics reminded me of Da Vinci’s drawings. Those geometric forms was a good way to make the dissertation design look scientific. So I started to work on illustrator and I got this:

For the rest of the illustration in the dissertation I used photoshoped pictures. I really wanted the picture to look weird and a bit insane, also always in relation with the content on the page.

I had some blood stains a bit everywhere on the layout because I want the book to look like it belongs to a crazy doctor. Most of the blood stains are made on Photoshop with a brush. I made myself the hand print.

before photoshop

After photoshop


For the paper supplier I went to GF Smith. I went few other time before for other project. I really like their papers. I don’t think I will ever print again on the university paper for any other projects. The paper I choose for the cover looks actually like leather. It was really the effect I was looking for. As I wanted my dissertation to look like a journal the cover had to be like leather. For the inside Paper I choose something called Phoenix motion, a soft paper.


I sent my dissertation to print yesterday to Colyer a print shop in London. I paid £50 for 3 copies which is not too much. Once I will got the print I will bound myself the cover and the pages because I want to sew together the dissertation, in relation with Frankenstein monster. I will had fake blood on the front cover and on few pages to make it more natural.

My Expectations

I hope my dissertation design will look weir and creepy. I also hope it will look once printed as I imagined.


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